I live in an apartment and my last kitchen faucet looked like something that belonged in a bathroom

I live in an apartment and my last kitchen faucet looked like something that belonged in a bathroom. When Amazon Vine made this available, I jumped at the chance. My building graciously agreed to install it. It must have been easy to install because I didn’t hear any complaints.

The faucet is attached to the main housing with a long, flexible hose. You can pull it out and fill a pot of water on the side board. You can pull it out and rinse the sink. It makes filling pots and water filtration systems so much easier. It almost feels like I have a pasta pot filler.

The chrome finish is really nice.

The touch button, on the faucet is a nice touch. You can change the water flow to a spray and also temporarily pause it by pushing the button. Turn the water off and then on again and the button resets.

My one complaint is that the faucet doesn’t always completely retract without some help.

But all in all, a beautiful piece of hardware and a nice, welcome addition to my kitchen.

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