I purchased this with some trepidation for a kitchen remodel.

I purchased this with some trepidation for a kitchen remodel. I was leaning toward two other manufacturer’s products that cost more than twice as much, but my wife liked this design. I have had numerous experiences with older Delta faucets that require relatively frequent maintenance and did not continue looking good throughout their life. As the custom cabinets, granite counter top and under-mount stainless steel sink were installed my trepidations increased. The moment of truth came to install the new Delta Ashton 19922-SSSD-DST faucet and I opened the box. What a delightful surprise!

First, Delta thoughtfully included everything needed for the installation except for the Silicone II Plumbing Caulk I like to use to set plumbing fittings and a wrench for the compression fittings. Quality, fit, and finish was excellent.

The instructions are clear, even though they are on large format paper, with instructions for several models interspersed. I recommend taking a yellow marker to these instructions and circling the entries appropriate for the model you have purchased. The entries are clearly marked, but the model names don’t differ enough to be quickly differentiated. After I marked the entries the instructions were quite short.

Following the instructions I assembled and installed the unit in minutes. I have installed a number of kitchen faucets, but I think most reasonably careful folks can install this unit in just about the same time. They even include a nice wrench to reach up behind the sink to tighten the mounting nut. It does not require strength or a lot of plumbing knowledge, just thought and a little body flexibility.

The first issue one comes to is the mounting method. For a single-hole mounting, such as on an under mount sink, one simply discards the 3-hole cover (escutcheon) and the reinforcing plate. If you are replacing a faucet on a triple-hole, top-mount sink, your choices are a bit more complex. If you have a heavy sink you can just use the escutcheon and reinforcing plate. If your sink is very light you can purchase an extra reinforcing plate for the underside of the sink from Delta. Information is on the instruction sheet. 3 CM thick granite is more than strong enough to support this faucet with no extra reinforcement. I would be careful to reinforce any 2 CM thick slab underneath the counter to prevent a high-rise faucet like this from cracking the slab due to an inadvertent sideways push, something that seems bound to happen sometime. Any high-rise faucet has tremendous leverage to exert pressure on its mount.

Inserting the hose into the unit is very easy. There is a plastic bead that you insert in the end of the hose to help it glide through the unit, then you remove the bead.

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